Eric Rodda-Software  HISTORY

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July 2013:

  • Removed Eric Rodda-Software COMPLETE CD from sale.
    All individual programs are still available for download.

    Thank you to all the software sites around the world for recommending my software.

November 2007:

  • Redesigned website completely. Design and graphics by WebPageOz.
  • Added new program: "My eBay Summary" AUTO REFRESH.
  • Eric Rodda-Software COMPLETE CD price reduction from $20.00 to $10.00.
  • Note: the Downloads are now in their respective section: Windows or DOS 
             and background graphics have been transferred to the WebPageOz site.

March 2007:

  • PayPal added as payment option.

March 2006:

  • eAutoRun gains "100% Clean" Award from Softpedia.

June 2005:

  • Added link to SUDOKU site for download of freeware program (Windows page)

May 2005:

  • Site remade using CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) for text size uniformity.
  • Guest Book returns.

October 2004:

March 2004:

  • NOW AVAILABLE! - Eric Rodda-Software - Complete CD - with every program available. (no download problems) at the very low cost of $20.00 (Australian).
    This price includes postage in Australia. Outside of Australia please add $6.00 (Australian).
    Includes A1 DOS Utilities REGISTERED VERSION.
    - plus Eric Rodda-Software website on the CD.


December 2003:

  • Added new program to the Windows section - Drink Water (popup).

November 2002:

  • Updated - eAutoRun - Autostart HTML CD's and EXE CD's.

March 2002:

  • Added new program to the Windows section - eAutoRun - Autostart HTML CDs.

November 2001:

  • Added new version of  Slide Show.
  • Added new SlideShow Screen Saver.

July 2001:

  • Added more webpages created by Eric Rodda-Software . Click Web Pages button.

December 2000:

  • Added SNDCHK - Check your PC sound system. See Windows Section.

October 2000:

  • Added counter to content frame 

September 2000:

  • HotBall Screen saver is now Freeware
  • Transfered to faster server.

July 2000:

  • Added extra buttons:- Guest Book, FAQ and Web Pages (service)

June 2000:

  • Added new section to the Download page - Misc. Files

May 2000:

  • Background Graphics For Web Pages added to Download page with the ability to be able to view in a tiled display for ten seconds (or less).
  • Added contact info for Mobile Phone:- 0403 225 871 (Optus) (in Australia)
  • Slight change to page layout:- additional frame on top.

March 2000:

  • CIPHER program screen size has been increased and the appearance has been improved.
  • Screen shots added for Windows programs.

November 1999:

  • New download :- SLIDE SHOW for Windows '95/'98/NT - FREEWARE

September 1999:

  • Added "Pentium" version of MAXBOX game.

July 1999:

  • Added RESTART.EXE freeware program (see Windows section).
  • Updated DOS section to list all (more!) A1 DOS Utilities and Environment Suite.

February 1999:

  • Complete revamp of web site, using frames ...
  • More downloads available, shareware and freeware..

January 1998:

  • A1 DOS Utilities registration now permanently discounted to $20 (Australian).

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